Hi Christophe,

> > Well, I have all the solutions I posted so far in a single large source
> > file ("rosettacode.l", 17194 lines as of today).
> Wa, this is quite a lot!!! Knowing it's one of the most concise, quite
> a lot of tasks must have been solved!!! Do you know how many?

$ grep 'Task:' rosettacode.l |wc -l

http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Special:MostLinkedCategories says 610

I noticed that some of the tasks in "rosettacode.l" contain pointers to
local source files. Some of these source files are in the PicoLisp
distribution. For the others, I replaced the pointers with copies of the
file contents, and uploaded http://software-lab.de/rosettacode.l once
more. Please use the updated version.

> I was thinking trying to learn PicoLisp while reading Successful Lisp
> (I already read the official PicoLisp tuto once):
> http://psg.com/~dlamkins/sl/contents.html
> The plan was to read and translate the examples in PicoLisp.

Good plan! :) Just go ahead, and ask if you should get stuck.

- Alex
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