Laurent Artaud <> writes:

> Le 21/07/2012 20:05, Thorsten Jolitz a écrit :
>> Terry Palfrey <>
>> writes:
>> BTW
>> I just found out that there is an upper limit for book size (at
>> Amazon some 870 pages or so) in self-publishing, so if I include the
>> function reference (some 200 pages) and the rosettacode examples (huge),
>> what I really would like to do, there might be no other choice than
>> making it two books (i.e. there might be two different covers ;)
> I fear that the price tag for a book this size would be outside of
> what I would pay for.
> I would suggest that you consider PDF or ePub: it would both remove
> the maximum size limit and reduce your publication costs.

With the 2 volume solution, Vol.1 with all the docs, references and
articles would probably have some 330 to 350 pages, and might be still
affordable. Vol. 2 with the function reference and the rosettacode
examples might be twice as big. I think ebooks are often included in
self-publishing offers. 



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