Terry Palfrey <terrypalfrey...@gmail.com>

> I was thinking of some sort of graphic to imply "works" like a
> waterworks or something that was 
> based on gears/cogs/sprockets yet encompassed the mindworks that
> picolisp expresses and
> submit this as a thinking draft.

Cover design is definitely a topic where I would love to get input from
the community, since I'm not a designer. 

It seems the name of the book has more or less converged to "PicoLisp
Works", so the cover design should be based on that name. 

Your graphic looks really nice - I like it, thanks. I hope there are no
copyright on any of the parts?

Why don't we collect some proposals and figure out which one is the most
popular, just like we did with the names?

I just found out that there is an upper limit for book size (at
Amazon some 870 pages or so) in self-publishing, so if I include the
function reference (some 200 pages) and the rosettacode examples (huge),
what I really would like to do, there might be no other choice than
making it two books (i.e. there might be two different covers ;)

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