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Terry Palfrey <terrypalfrey...@gmail.com>

I just found out that there is an upper limit for book size (at
Amazon some 870 pages or so) in self-publishing, so if I include the
function reference (some 200 pages) and the rosettacode examples (huge),
what I really would like to do, there might be no other choice than
making it two books (i.e. there might be two different covers ;)

I fear that the price tag for a book this size would be outside of what I would pay for. I would suggest that you consider PDF or ePub: it would both remove the maximum size limit and reduce your publication costs.

On a side note, I personally consider that a function reference MUST have a search engine, and as such, if you don't intend to expand on the online one (more examples, reasons for the use of one rather than the other in case of similar functionality, ...), then I don't think you should include the reference in a paper book.


Laurent ARTAUD
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