Hi Alex,

On 14-05-13 07:30 , Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

After doing #1, lines 4-7 look like this:

# (port ['T] 'cnt|(cnt . cnt) ['var]) ->  cnt
(code 'doPort 2)
: MyIpAddr asciz ""       # may work on Cloud9
    push X
Sorry, no, this is the wrong place. You've put the constant string right
into the 'doPort' function definition. That's why there is an

Illegal instruction
because the string is not executable code.

Better try this:

    : MyIpAddr asciz ""

    # (port ['T] 'cnt|(cnt . cnt) ['var]) ->  cnt
    (code 'doPort 2)
       push X
       push Y

♪♫ Alex

No, sorry, the 'make' fails:

../picoLisp/src64 (master) $ make
x86-64.linux.base.o: In function `.3314':
(.text+0x1c29c): undefined reference to `MyIpAddr'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [../bin/picolisp] Error 1

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