Hi Alex,

Thanks! The 'make' went fine now. However, when I try to run my web app now, I get "IP bind error: Address already in use". ;-)
I think I may have to bother C9 Support again.


On 14-05-13 15:58 , Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

(.text+0x1c29c): undefined reference to `MyIpAddr'
Oops, sorry. It seems I didn't put a constant string this way since a
long time ;-)

Probably this string needs to be put into the 'data' section. You could
call (data ...), but the easiest is if you insert it into "src64/glob.l"
where most of the other data reside.

I would suggest you put it at the end of "src64/glob.l", after the
"System messages".

    : UndefErr asciz "Undefined"
    : DlErr asciz "[DLL] %s"

    : MyIpAddr asciz ""

♪♫ Alex

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