Yes but that's a residential subscription, before we moved to
co-location we used (highly recommended if you don't
do the kind of realtime stuff I do at work).

With fasthosts you get "unlimited" speed and transfers but when you do
what we do you quickly realize that it doesn't work good because you
have no control over how your boxes are spaced out in the facility. If
some other customer is transferring massive amounts of data between
one of their boxes the quality of your LAN connection could start
suffering. At one point another customer of theirs got attacked by
some kind of denial of service attack which affected us too since it's
all shared.

In the co-lo where we are now we rent space, a whole rack actually, so
our machines are next to each other served by our own switches. This
has resulted in zero network related outages as opposed to the
situation at fasthosts.

To the co-location facility there are 3 geographically separated
uplinks which we buy dedicated "space" on, ie we have unlimited amount
of transfer per month of course but we have a roof on how much we can
transfer per second (up and down), this roof can be raised by 20 EUR
per Mbit/s per month. We don't share this with anyone else so the
speed is 100% guaranteed, if we don't utilize it that space is not
used, the actions of other customers in the co-location facility can't
affect us as they are also similarly limited in how much they use.

This is working remarkably well, we're not experiencing any network
related issues at all anymore. But it costs...

On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 2:00 AM, Tomas Hlavaty <> wrote:
> Hi Henrik,
>> 44KB / second is far from insignificant IMO, it works out to 0.35
>> Mbit/s if I'm not mistaken, we're paying 20 EUR per month per 1Mbit at
>> our current co-location. Well worth spending a couple of days to avoid
>> permanently.
> wow, 20 EUR per 1Mbit?  160 EUR per 1MByte?  In 2014?  I can't believe
> that.  My home connection costs 24 EUR a month without trafic
> restrictions iirc and is much faster than that:-)
> Cheers,
> Tomas
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