On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM, Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> wrote:
> Hi Christophe,

Hi Alex.

> Hmm, so is this the same as the localization does in PicoLisp?

Quite the same, except that we don't have a list of all messages to
translate. Any transient, even an unexpected one, should
«spontaneously» have its value transformed by a function
when retrieved.

>> I note that this transient thing is VERY powerful. Alex, could you
>> provide us with some historical hindsight about transient syms? Do
>> they exist in other languages? Are they your brainchildren?
> Transient symbols are just normal symbols, except that they have a
> file-local scope, and happen to look lexically like strings in other
> languages. That's all.

My question was about «look lexically like strings in other languages».
Do some other Lisp have this king of mechanism?



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