Hi Christophe,

>>> No problem for Display, but "hello" should spontaneously have its value
>>> changed to some XML containing the string "hello".

in other words, you want to use the transient symbol "hello" as a
variable?  What is preventing you?  It's often done in PicoLisp.

(let "hello" 123
   (println "hello") )

(let "hello" "<xml>hello</xml>"
   (println "hello") )

> The real problem is with transient symbols. Or maybe I missed something?

There is no problem with transient symbols.  I would recommend reading
PicoLisp documentation on the topic.  Alex and Thorsten did very good
job with that.

If your problem is that you don't have a reference to that transient
symbol in your code due to being out of that transient scope, you can
always create a function in that transient scope which will have a
reference to that transient symbol and will do the desired manipulation.


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