On 2015-02-17T17:12:54+1100, Alexander Burger said: AB> as I mentioned in my previous mail, is Thorsten currently AB> offline. He asked me to post this for him A> "i'll try to find some time to: A> * examine the diffs between the distribution version and the A> GitHub version; TJ> Why? Just use the newer version, i.e. the Github TJ> version. Nobody else but me did change anything recently. Then why isn't the GitHub version the one currently distributed with PicoLisp? The fact that it's not suggested to me there might be some issues around doing so. And why does the distribution version contain picolisp-wiki-mode.el, whereas the GitHub version doesn't? (A separate issue is, why do users have to manually patch paredit.el? Has there been some issue with upstream not being willing or able to modify paredit.el so that it can better support PicoLisp?) A> * add to the former any fixes and/or extra functionality A> found in the latter; TJ> Again - why? Just replace the older version with the TJ> newer version ... See above. A> * add in my code to present documentation for the symbol at A> point; TJ> and you mean an eldoc implementation for picolisp? No, although that's certainly a good idea. What my code does is (for Emacs > 24.3) to open the full reference documentation for a particular function in a new buffer via `shr`, or (for Emacs < 24.4) in a Web browser. TJ> patches are welcome, just fork me on github. ... except you're currently offline, for a period of time not specified. As i've mentioned elsewhere in this thread, given my experiences of spending time coding and submitting PRs/issues, only to have the latter ignored even by people who are demonstrably still actively coding, i'm not much inclined to get involved with code whose maintainer is very explicitly offline. A> * add in things like user configuration of the path to the A> `pil` executable. :-)" TJ> AFAIK the path is remembered, to avoid typing, but can be TJ> changed - just try using a prefix before the command, that TJ> should give you the opportunity to type in your own path TJ> (but I'm not sure right now). TJ> Try C-h f on the core functions, there is quite a lot of TJ> info in the docstrings. Here's the doc for `run-picolisp` (which, i note, isn't mentioned in the README; nor does it begin with the `picolisp-` prefix to assist its discoverability and limit namespacing issues) from the GitHub version: run-picolisp is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function in `inferior-picolisp.el'. It is bound to <run-picolisp>. (run-picolisp CMD) Run an inferior Picolisp process, input and output via buffer `*picolisp*'. If there is a process already running in `*picolisp*', switch to that buffer. With argument, allows you to edit the command line (default is value of `picolisp-program-name'). Runs the hook `inferior-picolisp-mode-hook' (after the `comint-mode-hook' is run). (Type C-h m in the process buffer for a list of commands.) The fact that one can add a prefix arg to it to specify the full path to the `pil` executable, and that such a specification will be automatically remembered, isn't mentioned.
 TJ> Sorry for being late to the discussion, but I'm
 TJ> not really online at the moment.

Fair enough; life happens! i myself have a lot happening, so it's important to me that my FOSS contributions aren't to no effect, or become more complex to manage than i've got the time and energy for. Consequently, given that the more i look at the situation around the above implementations, the more contextual complexity[1] i find, i feel it's best for someone else to take on the work of sorting things out.

[1] As distinct from any complexity in the code itself.

At any rate, i've started the process of renaming my own `picolisp-mode`
to `a-picolisp-mode`, so that it doesn't get confused with these other
existing codebases; and in the README for my package, i'll be
emphasising that my code is in no way connected with the PicoLisp
support included in the PicoLisp distribution, or the modified version
thereof available on GitHub.

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