Hi Alexis,

> >Hi Alexis, if I google "picolisp emacs" I see the following URL as
> >the #1 result: https://github.com/tj64/picolisp-mode
> >
> >That is what I use when I code PL in Emacs, works great!
> Excellent. :-) However, that code hasn't been updated for over 2
> years, and since i've had a few bad experiences recently with
> unmaintained code (bug reports and pull requests ignored, even by
> ...
> PicoLisp site itself. Although - is `picolisp.el` actively
> maintained?  Possible copyright issues aside, would proposed patches
> be reviewed / accepted?

Unfortunately, Thorsten (the original maintainer) is currently offline.

I can't do anything in 'picolisp.el', as I'm ignorant of emacs, but I
can gladly take changes (if they are thoughtfully reviewed and agreed
upon by competent people) and put them into the PicoLisp release.

♪♫ Alex
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