@Alexis: Just have a look into lib/el/ in your picolisp installation.

i'm on Debian Wheezy(+updates), and having installed the available PicoLisp package (, couldn't see any .el files within the PicoLisp directory (/usr/share/picolisp/), which doesn't have a /lib or /lib/el directory either. However, having downloaded the 3.1.9 tarball and unpacked it, i can now see the files you're talking about.

Have i missed in the documentation where support for editing in Emacs is mentioned? From:

i can't see any mention of it in any of:

* Manual Page
* Reference Manual
* Common Index


Maybe your efforts aren't really necessary (but surely a good exercise anyway).
Maybe you should rename your emacs extensions, so it doesn't get mixed up with the one coming with the picolisp standard distribution.

Well, if i'd known that Emacs support was already available, i wouldn't have written my package in the first place! i already maintain a couple of other Emacs packages, and have lots of other coding i'd like to be doing, so i only worked on my PicoLisp package to help myself and other Emacs users, rather than to learn about writing and/or packaging Emacs Lisp - the package as it currently stands didn't require extensive knowledge of PicoLisp.

Now that i know comprehensive Emacs support for PicoLisp is available, i'll probably just remove my own PicoLisp package from MELPA. The only thing that my package provides that the distribution package doesn't - as far as i can tell! - is support for showing documentation for the symbol at point, either in a browser or in Emacs itself. i'd be happy for my code for that to be added to the distribution package, assuming i don't have to sign any paperwork to do so ....


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