Henrik Sarvell writes:

Hi Alexis, if I google "picolisp emacs" I see the following URL as the #1 result: https://github.com/tj64/picolisp-mode

That is what I use when I code PL in Emacs, works great!

Excellent. :-) However, that code hasn't been updated for over 2 years, and since i've had a few bad experiences recently with unmaintained code (bug reports and pull requests ignored, even by people still definitely actively coding), i'd rather not develop a workflow that relies on such code.

Having said that, to me it also demonstrates that the presence of PicoLisp support in the standard distribution should be noted on the PicoLisp site itself. Although - is `picolisp.el` actively maintained? Possible copyright issues aside, would proposed patches be reviewed / accepted?

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