Hi list,

as I mentioned in my previous mail, is Thorsten currently offline.
He asked me to post this for him:

Hi Alexis,
this is Thorsten, the current maintainer (but ot original author) of
the Emacs stuff.

"i'll try to find some time to:

* examine the diffs between the distribution version and the GitHub
Why? Just use the newer version, i.e. the Github version. Nobody else but
me did change anything recently.

* add to the former any fixes and/or extra functionality found in the
Again - why? Just replace the older version with the newer version ...

* add in my code to present documentation for the symbol at point; and
you mean an eldoc implementation for picolisp? patches are welcome, just
fork me on github.

* add in things like user configuration of the path to the `pil` executable.
AFAIK the path is remembered, to avoid typing, but can be changed - just
try using a prefix before the command, that should give you the opportunity
to type in your own path (but I'm not sure right now).

Try C-h f on the core functions, there is quite a lot of info in the
Sorry for being late to the discussion, but I'm not really online at the

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