On 2015-02-15T02:56:38+1100, Alexander Burger said:

AB> Unfortunately, Thorsten (the original maintainer) is currently AB> offline.

AB> I can't do anything in 'picolisp.el', as I'm ignorant of emacs, AB> but I can gladly take changes (if they are thoughtfully reviewed AB> and agreed upon by competent people) and put them into the AB> PicoLisp release.

Excellent. :-) Thanks!

i'll try to find some time to:

* examine the diffs between the distribution version and the GitHub version;

* add to the former any fixes and/or extra functionality found in the latter;

* add in my code to present documentation for the symbol at point; and

* add in things like user configuration of the path to the `pil` executable. :-)

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