On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 03:26:03PM +0800, Robert Herman wrote:
> Thanks for the boost, Alex. I'll do some work on my own now, and get back
> to you. I am going to try more qemu versions, then I am going to try
> modifying or rewriting the bios file in qemu to see if I can bypass this
> limit.

Yes, but still strange why qemu differs so much. I never had any
problem, and, it seems, other people too.

> I guess it is trying to emulate the x86-64 architecture to the bit,
> so maybe as a vm the 64kb limit is not needed?

If the error diagnosis is correct, it is only the DMA transfer by this
special BIOS which is limited to 64 KiB. And - I suspect - if it fails
so early, the following code will give problems too ;)

♪♫ Alex
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