Hey Vid,

Thanks for the feedback!

> 1. Logo is nice, it could be spruced up, like the racket lang logo with
> shadows etc....

I plan to keep it as is. To me, shadows and other effects would give it a
dated look. I think today's web is all about flat, unadorned design. This
logo is simple and powerful, with no added frills, just like PicoLisp :)

> 2. Too much real estate is lost on the first half on the page

Couldn't agree more! On my small laptop I don't even see the bottom of the
'Try It' section. So right off the bat we have to scroll to find the info
we're looking for. I think replacing the 'Try It' section with something
else will help that a lot.

Another site that I like a lot is Chicken Scheme <http://www.call-cc.org>.

> 4. This has nothing to do with design, but I think putting emphasis on the
> database aspects of the language and really showing them of as a killer
> feature will do great things.
> I have really struggled with that aspect of the system, especially until
> Alex showed it off to me personally, so I think a new tutorial on this
> aspect could be on the cards.

Certainly! It is a killer feature indeed. I was thinking of turning the
making of this site into a tutorial at some point. It's not really DB heavy
(though when combined with the wiki it will be), but it would show how one
can make good-looking, responsive sites with just PicoLisp and a modest
amount of CSS.

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