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> Hi all,
> Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Glad you all like it :)

I liked it too. Very nice work.
I tried to investigate how you embed the REPL but no luck.
Could you explain please? Are the exprs executed on the server?!?

> […]
> Regarding supported platforms, I have a few ideas:
> […]
> - Just have the specifics right on the homepage, in its own section
>   with links as needed.
> […]

I'd personaly go for the second one. We could cast a vote.

Reading «PicoLisp runs on most every modern platform, including
mac/linux, windows, android» I thought about the various
implementations of PicoLisp:
1) A diagram would be nice.
2) Or maybe just a table, with functionalities dropped for each platforms.
3) Would there be some room for the alternate versions like Ersatz
   (which for me is the only way to run PicoLisp on Windows without
   Cygwin, or am I missing something?) or EmuLisp ?



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