Hi all,

> > For example you have the function maxi in the sample code.
> > When I search for that function in search, the result doesn't give me 
> > anything useful, like the definition or file it is defined in, etc...
> > One has to find the picolisp ref page and the search in there.
> > Is there a way to incorporate that so the the search dialog in the wiki 
> > could return the result.
> This is a very good idea!
> I'll investigate this. ...

Done! :)

The Wiki search functionality now also displays links to the references
and sources.


You can enter one or two symbols.

For one, it tries to look up the reference, and displays "REF: <sym>"
with a link to the reference, and then looks up the source and displays
"SRC: <sym>" with a link to the source.

For two, it should be a method and a class, and it displays
"SRC: meth> +Class" with a link to the source.

Note that the server must be started in debug mode, i.e. with a '+' at
the end of the command line.

@Erik: The list of search results is always displayed in upper case.
This must be due to the CSS, as in w3m the names appear normally. Do you
think this can be changed? The case of symbols is significant in

♪♫ Alex
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