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About certbot:
See also other tools:
I've seen acmetool in action (written in Golang, so it requires no 
I see there is a tool, written even in Bash 

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>> And let's make sure said landing page is served over HTTPS. It's 2017.
>Yes, yes, I know ;) In fact, it is on my todo list since half a year.
>I want to use Let's Encrypt, as I already do on another server. However, the
>picolisp.com server is currently a mix of Wheezy, Jessie and Stretch, and
>whatever I tried to get the certbot running resulted in a storm of Python
>package mismatch error messages. No way .. I gave up, and decided to wait until
>Debian Stretch is stable and thus available from my provider.
>♪♫ Alex
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