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> 'Learn PicoLisp the Hard Way'
> What do you think?

I think it's a terrific idea and I'm volunteer to work on it

> Let's build picolisp.com from scratch. Still in written in PicoLisp, duh!
> Make it a simple, beautiful, modern, responsive home page. And only a home
> page. Something like what I had in mind here, but better:
> https://github.com/erdg/picolisp-website
> (that is sooo late 2015, lol)
> So a simple landing page that introduces the language and loudly points to
> our new book, 'Learn PicoLisp the Hard Way'. Then we transition the
> documentation to GitHub and Stack Overflow, so the whole internet can be
> impressed by how active our community is.
> And let's make sure said landing page is served over HTTPS. It's 2017.
I also think it's a great idea since I think picolisp has a strong strength
in web developing but just because it's 2017 I feel the effort must be put
in integrating picolisp with web (W3C) technologies (css, html 5, xml,
websockets...) and also javascript (json, frameworks, ...)

So what if building picolisp.com from sacratch with presentation done by
CSS javascript framework like jquery and/or bootstrap and content made
compatible with html5 using websockets and json to make an api rest
available for example to communicate with picolisp repl ?

It would be great also to deploy the web in apache or nginx (even lighttpd
or cherokee) to documentate how to integrate picolisp in a corporative
environmet. It would be useful too to use also picolisp as webserver
(httpgate) and show how to scale it up.

I'm volunteer to this too ;-)


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