On Jan 20, 1:39 pm, khiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi!
> I was reading the mailing list, and noticed, that many people have
> trouble to getting working medit and pida.
> So I made it available. (for ubuntu 7.10, but maybe is applicable to
> 8.04-dev (hardy heroin) too)

Thanks for this.

Unfortunately, I still get:
ERROR servicemanager.pida:38 Service error: ServiceDependencyError:
mooedit: No module named moo

even after purging the original pida package, installing yours,
installing your medit and making the symlinks .

Possibly because I have python2.4 and python2.5 and only python2.5 has
moo_stub.so in site-packages?

> Note: the package for medit still say 0.8.7 (didnt brother to change
> the changelog),
> and for pida it says 0.5.1-2 (its yesterday's svn rev1253).

You really should bump the version - "aptitude dist-upgrade" wants to
reinstall my old pida (I have "held" it, but a version bump would make
it more painless for users).

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