> It's a really long time since I built a debian package, but look at
> dpkg-gencontrol

> I still have to build it!
No. My deb packages contains it. And I apologize it. I have somehow
uploaded a wrong .deb version. (it does not contain the python module)
I have corrected it. Please redownload it.
Again, the link:

> OK, but that's not what one expects of a
> debian package, and I don't actually see anything but header files for
> 'moo', anyway, so how do I build it?
When I wrote my tutorial, I followed it (one more time) to double
check that it is
a working method (at least on my system).
So if you follow it, you will be able to build a working deb package.

> > So run python andtype 'import moo' to see, if it works.
> No, there is no 'moo.so' on my system.

Please redownload the medit.deb file, and post
post your 'dpkg -L medit' output.

Thank you that you have tried out my build, and sorry again,
that I have uploaded the wrong build.

Best regards,
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