On Jan 21, 4:52 pm, khiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > You really should bump the version - "aptitude dist-upgrade" wants to
> > reinstall my old pida (I have "held" it, but a version bump would make
> > it more painless for users).
> Can you do this? I have learned to build debian package the hard way.

It's a really long time since I built a debian package, but look at
dpkg-gencontrol  Just provide it with a -v option.
Conventionally, we would use the same version number as now, but with
a suffix, so for version 0.5.1-2 we might
specify "-v 0.5.1-2-moo"

> The moo module comes with medit, if you have built with the proper
> options.

I still have to build it!  OK, but that's not what one expects of a
debian package, and I don't actually see anything but header files for
'moo', anyway, so how do I build it?

> So run python andtype 'import moo' to see, if it works.

No, there is no 'moo.so' on my system.
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