Not every decision is done by calling for a formal vote. No one -1'd Olga's proposal.


On Mar 20, 2009, at 1:51 PM, Santhosh Srinivasan wrote:


It was a discussion without the call for a vote. I am attaching the
email that was sent out back then.


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From: Nigel Daley []
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: [VOTE] Release Pig 1.0.0 (candidate 0)

Santhosh, the version numbering was discussed on this list almost 2
weeks ago.  Why didn't you participate then?


On Mar 20, 2009, at 11:54 AM, Santhosh Srinivasan wrote:

-1 on the 1.0.0 release. IMHO, Pig is relatively stable but not quite
there. I would prefer 0.2.0

1. 1.0.0 signifies a highly stable and solid release which will
a little bit more work.
2. Multi-query support will break the way users are using grunt
3. There are ongoing efforts for changing load and/or store interfaces


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From: Olga Natkovich []
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 3:21 PM
Subject: [VOTE] Release Pig 1.0.0 (candidate 0)

Pig Committers,

I have created a candidate build for Pig 1.0.0.

This release represents a major rewrite of Pig from the parser down.
also introduced type system into Pig and greatly improved system

The rat report is attached. Note that there are many java files listed
as being without a license header. All these files are generated by

Keys used to sign the release are available at

Please download, test, and try it out:

Should we release this? Vote closes on Friday, March 20th.


From: "Olga Natkovich" <>
Date: March 6, 2009 5:28:36 PM PST
To: <>
Subject: Next pig release
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Pig Developers and Committers,

Now that types branch is merged into trunk and the dust settled, I
propose that it is time for the next release.

I propose that we name this release as Pig 1.0.0 since this is a major
rework and a much more stable and performant code with stable


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