On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 10:25 PM, Steven Chamberlain <ste...@pyro.eu.org> wrote:
> On 04/06/12 21:14, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>> I've checked that it works changing from ruby to
>> ruby1.8. You probably should try to use ruby1.9.1-dev at a later date.
> I'm not the maintainer, I was just asking.  Thanks a lot for the help!
> Not tested this myself yet;  I expect it to fix this on the buildds, but
> maybe it could still FTBFS on a system with ruby1.8 and ruby1.9.1
> installed together.  Then it might need an executable name or shebang
> line changing somewhere?

  As far as I can tell, the package doesn't contain ruby scripts, only
bindings. Dependencies will need to make sure ruby1.8 is used, though.
(but there isn't ;-)...). Users will have to take care.



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