Alle martedì 22 luglio 2008, Pierre Habouzit ha scritto:
> > >   And there are quite a few quirks that are irritating beyond words,
> > > when you work with huge PDFs files (lots of norms, POSIX documentation,
> > > and whatnot) on a hourly basis.
> >
> > And do you hope that the "few quirks that are irritating" will
> > automagically solve themselves during the night?
> > I'll tell you what's "irritating": users that don't speak even if forced,
> > but they do really complain (even a lot) about the state of things. This
> > will NOT help us (and you probably know that).
>   Well, I have tried it at work for one day, and I'm not payed for
> reporting bugs. I had really no time for it, and I went back to kpdf.
> I've decided to wait for a more mature kde release so that the number of
> quirks goes down and that I can take 5 minutes for reporting the
> leftovers rather than a hour I don't have.

I'll tell you what to do: simply, forget about Okular and about its 
maintainer. Okular will _not_ even be mature enough for you, so no need to 
even thinking about trying to use it in everyday work. It simply won't work.
This is a win-win solution: you avoid all the "annoyance" all around something 
you don't want, and I'll avoid trying to understand generic and "encrypted" 
problems (?) from you.

>   (2) I'm not _required_ to report bugs[0]

Like I'm not _required_ to fix bugs, or I'm not _required_ to listen to users, 
or I'm not _required_ to try to make the applications I maintain better for 
some people.
See, even if I would do any of the above, my attempts would simply die if 
users raise walls in front of them.

>   (4) I wasn't judging anyone in my previous mails, but now I am: if
>       each time someones tells that they don't like okular you get
>       outraged at this level, then you should really consider quitting.

Quitting? Do you see "quitting" as rationale solution when you face people 
a) "your application sucks!"
b) "your application is annoying, but I cannot tell you why"
c) "i *have* foo bar in your application"

My reply is: No.

Let me ask you a final question: what would _you_ do if you heard about people 
complaining about what you do (example, the packages you maintain), but you 
get just generic complains about it, possibly referred indirectly by other 
Then, whatever you reply to this, just take it as reply for all your 

Pino Toscano

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