On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 09:08:37AM +0000, Pino Toscano wrote:
> Alle martedì 22 luglio 2008, Pierre Habouzit ha scritto:
> >
> >   Well, I have tried it at work for one day, and I'm not payed for
> > reporting bugs. I had really no time for it, and I went back to kpdf.
> > I've decided to wait for a more mature kde release so that the number of
> > quirks goes down and that I can take 5 minutes for reporting the
> > leftovers rather than a hour I don't have.
> I'll tell you what to do: simply, forget about Okular and about its 
> maintainer. Okular will _not_ even be mature enough for you, so no need to 
> even thinking about trying to use it in everyday work. It simply won't work.
> This is a win-win solution: you avoid all the "annoyance" all around 
> something 
> you don't want, and I'll avoid trying to understand generic and "encrypted" 
> problems (?) from you.

  W-O-W ... You assume my goal is to destroy okular. It's not. Okular
has no chances to be "good enough" for me before lenny is out, so I
stated that I'd be sorry that kpdf would go. You are escalating it to
something completely different. Once lenny is out, as kde 3.x will go, I
definitely will report bugs because okular will by force be my sole

  I prefer not doing that right now when KDE 4 is still such a moving
target. Not everyone can be a beta-tester 24/7. And note that I never
intended those remarks to go back to the Okular developers, my mails
have always only be written with "what will Debian release with" in
mind. That's why the mails were on the *Debian* Kde *Packaging* list in
the first place.

> >   (4) I wasn't judging anyone in my previous mails, but now I am: if
> >       each time someones tells that they don't like okular you get
> >       outraged at this level, then you should really consider quitting.
> Quitting? Do you see "quitting" as rationale solution when you face people 
> with:
> a) "your application sucks!"
> b) "your application is annoying, but I cannot tell you why"
> c) "i *have* foo bar in your application"
> My reply is: No.

  You absolutely don't get it. I wasn't saying that okular sucks, if you
believe I did, look again. I said kpdf is still better, which is not
really the same. You're so convinced I said it's an horrible application
that you escalated the whole thing, but really, get a grip, I MERELY
stated that “for now I still prefer kpdf”.

  So unless you believe is the worse application ever, in which case
indeed, we can't talk to each other because I believe it's not, then I
totally fail to see the offense here. So yes, if you're still that
outraged, from simple remarks, you should do something about it, like
taking vacations or sth similar.

> Let me ask you a final question: what would _you_ do if you heard about 
> people 
> complaining about what you do (example, the packages you maintain), but you 
> get just generic complains about it, possibly referred indirectly by other 
> people?

  I shrug.

> Then, whatever you reply to this, just take it as reply for all your 
> complains.

  That would be far better than your quite aggressive mails so far.

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