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On Thu 2016-10-13 04:03:23 -0400, Andre Heinecke wrote:

> On Wednesday 12 October 2016 15:02:32 Sandro Knauß wrote:
>> > > The only thing I wanted to check if libgpgme11-dev conficts with the
>> > > other
>> > > -dev packages.
>> > 
>> > yes, i think we will, because kdepimlibs5-dev has usr/include/gpgme++
>> > and /usr/include/qgpgme and usr/lib/gpgmepp, which we will probably want
>> > in libgpgme11-dev or in some separate -dev package.  This means we might
>> > need a rebuild of kdepimlibs with the gpgme stuff removed, right?  and
>> > we might decide to just drop the gpgmepp source package from debian
>> > entirely.
>> We need to see if we need to be coinstallable with kdepimlibs 4.14, so
>> splitting the -dev packages makes sure anyhow, so that not everyone needs to
>> install whole Qt dependencies.
> I also got feedback from Luca (SUSE) that the conflict with kdepimlibs 4.14 
> is 
> causing problems. I wonder if we should change the install locations to 
> "/usr/include/gpgme-cpp" and "/usr/include/gpgme-qt" or do you think it's too 
> late for that?

It's not too late for that in debian; these bindings have only been
published in debian in the experimental repo thus far, so nothing
depends on them explicitly -- yet!

But any changes we want to make in the naming or versioning of these
bindings probably need to happen soon if we want them to be considered
for inclusion in debian.

> I like the suggestion of libgpgme-cpp-dev and libgpgme-qt-dev.

fwiw, i also like the simplicity and clarity of this scheme.

> I don't think gpgmepp and qgpgme are that widespread. And the
> namespaces used are just GpgME and QGpgME. Maybe also changing the
> installed librarary names to match libgpgme-qt.so ?

the list of reverse dependencies in debian isn't all that large, but
getting a full rename transition done so that all of the old versions
can be dropped might end up being too big of a move before the debian
freeze.  I don't think that should stop you from trying to get the right
names going forward upstream, though.

packages that use the new names will get the new code, and packages that
don't transition will limp along on the old stuff until we get them

I do worry about providing security support to those orphaned versions,
though :/  And i *really* don't want to try to support three different
versions of gpgme in debian forever!

> FYI there was some API missing / not installed in the qt variant that is used 
> in kleopatra and KMail, so we'll need a new release soon. KDEPIM master 
> already depends on the new libraries.

ah, interesting.  that's good to know.  I saw those commits and was
wondering what was up with that :)


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