On Sun, Aug 08, 2010 at 11:50:16AM -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> As seen on the documentation, there is already a DeMuDi blend. Maybe we
> can start from there? DeMuDi people were part one of the 2 teams that
> merged into this one (d-multime...@lists.debian.org).

Thanks for reminding me that the doc is a bit outdated.  The DeMuDi
Blend idea is quite old and Free was involved into this topic but
as far as I know there is no existing technicla implementation.  I
should fix this in the doc (but perhaps I weit with fixing until the
discussion here proceeds to some point).
> This is the part that I find interesting. While maybe metapackages are
> not what we need now, the basic idea of defining tasks and listing
> software that might help you with that could be very useful for users.

This is what Debian Accessibility and Debian Enterprise are also
thinking and it is perfectly fine.  Once reasonable tasks are defined
and people think metapackages could be builded anyway everything is
prepared - but there is no real need to do it.
> The current infrastructure requires tasks to live in the blends svn
> repository (to get the nice webpage shown on debconf, for example)? That
> would imply that interested people need to join the blends project. Am I
> correct?

There is no explicit requirement and for instance Debian Edu uses their
own SVN.  The location of the tasks file can be defined in


for each project.  However I would recommend to keep all the tasks files
in one place just to enable easier general modifications in case they
are needed.  DDs do not really join the blends project to get access
permissions because the ACLs of the Blends project grant any Debian
developer commit permissions.  For guests it is not that easy and I
would recommend to subscribe the project.
> I really like those pages. We just need to polish the tasks files a bit :).

Yes, definitely.  As I said this was just my uneducated shot on this
topic for my on purpose.  Feel free to change whatever you think makes
sense - I'm keen on learning more about Multimedia by watching your
changes. ;-)
> As mentioned by Reinhardt in the talk, the scope of the team is not
> clearly established. However, as of now digital imaging seems to be
> outside of it, and we are more oriented towards audio and video.

That's perfectly fine.  So I will move any imaging related stuff to some
Debian Imaging area which I will keep on maintaining for my own purposes
- perhaps some other people will consider this useful and we can start a
Blend about this.  For the moment it would just blur the Multimeida
issue and thus should not be there.
Kind regards



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