On 09/08/10 06:01, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 08, 2010 at 11:50:16AM -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> As seen on the documentation, there is already a DeMuDi blend. Maybe we
>> can start from there? DeMuDi people were part one of the 2 teams that
>> merged into this one (d-multime...@lists.debian.org).
> Thanks for reminding me that the doc is a bit outdated.  The DeMuDi
> Blend idea is quite old and Free was involved into this topic but
> as far as I know there is no existing technicla implementation.  I
> should fix this in the doc (but perhaps I weit with fixing until the
> discussion here proceeds to some point).

Probably. So, if there was no actual technical work involved, we'll just
start from your definitions.

>> The current infrastructure requires tasks to live in the blends svn
>> repository (to get the nice webpage shown on debconf, for example)? That
>> would imply that interested people need to join the blends project. Am I
>> correct?
> There is no explicit requirement and for instance Debian Edu uses their
> own SVN.  The location of the tasks file can be defined in
>   svn://svn.debian.org/svn/blends/blends/trunk/webtools/webconf
> for each project.  However I would recommend to keep all the tasks files
> in one place just to enable easier general modifications in case they
> are needed.  DDs do not really join the blends project to get access
> permissions because the ACLs of the Blends project grant any Debian
> developer commit permissions.  For guests it is not that easy and I
> would recommend to subscribe the project.

Hmm, OK. I'm good then, what about the rest of the team? Anyone else
I see in those files that all that is required is the file to live on
the same host, so there not even a need to use SVN (we use git on this
team). Am I correct?

>> I really like those pages. We just need to polish the tasks files a bit :).
> Yes, definitely.  As I said this was just my uneducated shot on this
> topic for my on purpose.  Feel free to change whatever you think makes
> sense - I'm keen on learning more about Multimedia by watching your
> changes. ;-)
>> As mentioned by Reinhardt in the talk, the scope of the team is not
>> clearly established. However, as of now digital imaging seems to be
>> outside of it, and we are more oriented towards audio and video.
> That's perfectly fine.  So I will move any imaging related stuff to some
> Debian Imaging area which I will keep on maintaining for my own purposes
> - perhaps some other people will consider this useful and we can start a
> Blend about this.  For the moment it would just blur the Multimeida
> issue and thus should not be there.

OK I see you already did that. So, all that's left now is to actually do
some work!

Felipe Sateler

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