On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 12:59:57PM +0200, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> nice to see you keep pushing Debian Blends :)

Free, nice to hear from you again! \o/
> Yes, the DeMuDi idea is quite old and eventually evolved in the 64
> Studio project, which is more a Debian remix/customization than an
> official Debian Blend. At some point there was an AGNULA/DeMuDi
> implementation too, but not 100% Debian either. I still like the name
> "DeMuDi", so if it could be incarnated in some new Blend-based project
> it would be great :)

If you ask me: DeMuDi sounds way cooler than Debian Multimedia (and by
the way has the extra advantage that it can not mixed up with
debian-multimedia.org which Google tricked me in twice).  So I'd be
in big favour of DeMuDi (and hope the other way around that this name
is not covered by some restrictions which might be remain by the

> However I have not enough time to push for that, so
> if nothing new comes in, feel free to remove it from the docs.

Just tell me if I should update the docs and I will do so.

BTW, I have another issue:  This mailing list recieves a lot of
packaging related information which I#m not really interested in.
However, de just have this mailinglist debian-multime...@l.d.o.  Do you
see a chance that we move discussion like this about general project
management, Blends stuff, user oriented questions to this mailing
list.  I was asked to raise the Blends issue here on this list and
so did I, but I would prefer if I would not be spammed by bug reports
of multimedia packages which I'm simply not interested in.  In other
projects such split between user oriented list @l.d.o and a maintainer
list @a.l.d.o has turned out as quite reasonable.

Kind regards



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