On Mon, Aug 09, 2010 at 09:26:38AM -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> Probably. So, if there was no actual technical work involved, we'll just
> start from your definitions.

> > for each project.  However I would recommend to keep all the tasks files
> > in one place just to enable easier general modifications in case they
> > are needed.  DDs do not really join the blends project to get access
> > permissions because the ACLs of the Blends project grant any Debian
> > developer commit permissions.  For guests it is not that easy and I
> > would recommend to subscribe the project.
> Hmm, OK. I'm good then, what about the rest of the team? Anyone else
> interested?
> I see in those files that all that is required is the file to live on
> the same host, so there not even a need to use SVN (we use git on this
> team). Am I correct?

Ahh, sorry no.  The script which creates the Blend web sentinel pages is
only parsing SVN (there was no reason to support other VCSs because the
only tasks files outside the Blend SVN are as well in SVN).  So I would
suggest to stick to Blends SVN (or provide a patch which obtains the
tasks files from git if you regard it as really important).  The Blends
stuff turned out to be simple enough to not change the used VCS just for
the sake of following the crowd to Git. ;-)
> > That's perfectly fine.  So I will move any imaging related stuff to some
> > Debian Imaging area which I will keep on maintaining for my own purposes
> > - perhaps some other people will consider this useful and we can start a
> > Blend about this.  For the moment it would just blur the Multimeida
> > issue and thus should not be there.
> OK I see you already did that. So, all that's left now is to actually do
> some work!

Right, only some work, that's all. ;-))

Kind regards



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