Well, that turned out to be easy. Used a different computer from where
LMS is running, to not clutter it up with stuff I probably won't use for
anything else than compile Spotty... It compiled the first time, without
errors on FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p1.


Copied the compiled spotty to:
/var/db/logitechmediaserver/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/Spotty/Bin >
chown slimserv:slimserv spotty > chmod 755 spotty and it worked.

I'd suggest you move it as spotty-custom to some place outside the LMS installation, but within the search path. That way it shouldn't be overwritten accidentally. And spotty-custom would be looked for first.

Not sure how I can tell what version of spotty this is (no -v option),

spotty --name yadda --check

(--name is compulsory - shouldn't be for this case, but oh well...)

I've attached the compiled spotty for other people to use.

Would you be willing to take "ownership" of a FreeBSD build? It would really be easy to do a plugin which would allow interested users to easily install the helper for your platform. I could send you a skeleton plugin file.


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