mherger wrote: 
> > 
> Would you be willing to take "ownership" of a FreeBSD build? It would 
> really be easy to do a plugin which would allow interested users to 
> easily install the helper for your platform. I could send you a skeleton
> plugin file.
> Michael

Maybe. Don't know, really. I'm not an expert, just pretend to be one in
forums... :)

After making the plug-in, FreeBSD users would have to know to install
the additional repo: to get
the 'right' spotty for them, correct? I didn't know that existed until 5
minutes ago...
In short, will the experience actually be better than just replacing the
spotty binary? As you pointed out in earlier posts, if someone uses
FreeBSD it is expected they know how to use it.

But, if there is a perfectly good reason, I would be willing to see if
this is something I could sustain for all the spotty releases to come.


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