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> Excellent. That worked great! Apologies for being a bit of a noob, but
> my understanding is that a 1411kb/s PCM stream is CD quality and
> lossless. Spotty by default appears to convert to a 705kb/s Flac stream
> to be compatible with all Squeezbox devices. I was under the impression
> the 705kb/s Flac stream was lossy, compared to the 1411kb/s stream.
> Regardless, both streams sound fantastic on my Dynakit ST120 tube amp!!!
> I'll be sticking with Spotty!
> Mike

Spotify does *not* stream lossless files (for example, TIDAL does have a
lossless streaming service). Spotify streams high bitrate lossy OGG
files.  LMS then converts the OGG file to something that plays on many
different squeezebox players (e.g., FLAC).  Converting a lossy Spotify
stream to PCM doesn't magically turn it into lossless. A FLAC stream is
not necessarily lossy. FLAC is a lossless codec, and decodes to the
exact same 1411kbs lossless stream before being played. So a FLAC file
ripped from the CD (lossless) is still lossless. But it is still just a
container. I can convert a lossy mp3 file to FLAC and it is lossy.  I
can convert a lossy mp3 file to PCM and it is still lossy, as the
underlying file is lossy.

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