ralphy wrote: 
> The WASAPI device needs to have it's shared mode default sample format
> set to 44100Hz on the control panel advanced properities tab for the
> sound card.  That's the format squeezelite first opens the device with
> and in shared mode windows will not let an application change it. 
> Squeezelite has no code to allow opening a WASAPI device in exclusive
> mode.  You would need to use the squeezelite resample option to force
> all output to 44100Hz otherwise when you try to play a song that has a
> different sample rate it will not play.  A WDM-KS device is a better
> option than WASAPI IMHO.

Well that solved the WASAPI problem.  I had share-mode default sample
format set to "DVD Quality", which is 48000Hz.  Changed to "CD Quality"
(44100Hz) and not WASAPI works fine.  Thanks for that tip.

R Greg Dawson

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