Thanks @ralphy @rgdawson and @Jeff07971, unless we see more requests
here perhaps this is not worth further time, though I'm sure we'd all
like to solve the mystery of why WASAPI works for some and not others. 

I'm getting good results with my ASIO driver, which I installed for a
different DAC (not connected now so not shown in the list, and
defaulting instead to the first DAC it can find). ASIO provides similar
benefits over DirectSound, and it's actually a relief not to have to
fully exit Squeezelite-X when I open another player or even try to play
a YouTube vid, as I'd have to do with Squeezelite in WASAPI exclusive
mode. Shared mode is probably the best setting for an app that lives in
the systray. 

The user base skews male and over 50, huh? :-) Situation normal, and
I've been recommending this app to other Old Guys on other forums.

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