1uke_ wrote: 
> Hello, 
> I'm new to the world of Logitech Music Server and I am loving it! 
> I got everything set up yesterday, and haven't stopped listing to music
> or the radio streams via the iPlayer Plug in. 
> I am now looking for recommendations for other plug is to install.
> *I was wondering what are your favourite plug ins to extend the
> functionality of Logitech Music Server?*

BBC iPlayer
Lastmix - used in conjunction with Don't Stop the Music (which is built
in to 7.9.x)
Playlist Manager
Music & Artist Information - gives lyrics on iPeng amongst other things
What Was That Tune
Chromecast Bridge - turns a Chromecast into an SB player
AirPlay Bridge - turns an AirPlay receiver into an SB player

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