d6jg wrote: 
> Ok I will expand my post but first I will say that the most important
> add on imho is iPeng.
> Spotty - if you have a Spotify premium account it allows you to play
> Spotify tracks as if they were in your own library. Best used with DSTM
> - see later
> BBC iPlayer & Extras - should be self explanatory
> Lastmix - inside 7.9 is Don’t Stop The Music (DSTM) which is configured
> on a per Player basis. Essentially it will auto add stuff to your
> playlist if you forget to do so. Lastmix uses the Last.fm system to help
> select what to play next which can be from your own library, any
> streaming service you have eg Spotty and from your favourites. Without
> Lastmix DSTM can produce odd unrelated results. With it you get very
> sensible selections that match what you were previously playing.
> The other plugins I mentioned are self explanatory.

Thanks for the reply @d6jg

Can I use Spotty with a free account? Or do you need a pay account to
use it?

I already have the iPlayer plug in running and I love it!

I like the sound of an auto adding playlist. I used to use Last.fm so
I'd love to get a playlist based on my last.fm plays. Thank you for
letting me know about this :)

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