pippin wrote: 
> A lot of plugins are of course about streaming services (Spotty for
> Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, TIDAL, Bandcamp are just a few I use).
> Others are about integrating other hardware (AirPlay bridge, CastBridge
> for ChromeCast).
> But apart from that there are a few that improve the core functionality
> of the server. The most important ones for me because they essentially
> add functionality I regard as irreplaceable are:
> >   >   > 
  - *Music and Artist Information* - adds artist pictures, missing
  > album artwork, biographies and lyrics.
  - *Playlist Manager* - easily add tracks to stored playlists
  - *TrackStat* - add ratings management
  > > > 
> There are also a few that come with LMS but need to be enabled:
> >   >   > 
  - Additional Browse Modes
  - Don't Stop The Music
  > > > 
> And since I use Last.fm also the Audioscrobber and LastMix (for Don't
> Stop The Music).

Thanks for the reply @pippin I will take a look at the ones you are
using in more detail.

Can you tell me more about the streaming services?

- What's involved for setting each one up? (Do you have to have an
account to use each one?)

- Do they restrict you in any way? E.g limited features because you
aren't using their service directly?

- Are there any costs involved if I would like to use the streaming

I have a Chrome Cast, but it is the old style HDMI Stick version, is
this any use and can it be integrated with my system using the 'bridge'?
What might it be useful for if it does work?

Thank you for helping me in my quest to get the perfect setup :)

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