A lot of plugins are of course about streaming services (Spotty for
Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, TIDAL, Bandcamp are just a few I use).
Others are about integrating other hardware (AirPlay bridge, CastBridge
for ChromeCast).

But apart from that there are a few that improve the core functionality
of the server. The most important ones for me because they essentially
add functionality I regard as irreplaceable are:
- *Music and Artist Information* - adds artist pictures, missing album
  artwork, biographies and lyrics.
- *Playlist Manager* - easily add tracks to stored playlists
- *TrackStat* - add ratings management

There are also a few that come with LMS but need to be enabled:
- Additional Browse Modes
- Don't Stop The Music

And since I use Last.fm also the Audioscrobber and LastMix (for Don't
Stop The Music).

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