All successful languages are a mixture of all styles, with parts that are
functional, imperative, object-oriented, etc. A programmer needs to learn
them all.

Brad Myers

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On Nov 24, 2009, at 3:18 AM, keith gallagher wrote:
> like i said, i'm not sure intuition exists....

What's quite certain is that *claims* of intuitiveness exist.

I think it's possible to operationalise the concept.
Given languages of similar syntactic complexity,
which of several paradigms is easier to learn to a specified criterion?

William Billingsley's anecdote suggests (what we should by now
expect): a heterogeneous population, some of whom find one
approach easier, and some of whom find another.  From a teaching
point of view, would it be possible to offer two introductory
streams, one functional and one imperative, and let students
choose and/or transfer early?

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