BTW I can't think of any programming languages that are intuitive, not even 

so here's another way for us to think about this: Lindsay, if you
could dream up an intuitive-to-you programming paradigm, what would it
be? (a subtextual theory i wonder might be relevant/hilighted in such

I'm sure Lindsay could design a language, but it might only be
an imagined intuitive-to-him language.

People have at least two kinds of memory, declarative (memory for
facts) and procedure (memory for how to do stuff).

I once worked on a CHILL compiler front end written in Pascal
and got to learn a lot about CHILL semantics without ever
writing much CHILL source.  One day I had to write a short, complete,
CHILL program and I could not do it.  I had previously cut and
pasted an example program to create some code sequence to test
the handling of some semantic condition or other.  I had an
experts level of declarative knowledge and a novices level of
procedural knowledge of CHILL.

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