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> Also relevant to this discussion is Richard Gabriel’s proposal for a Masters 
> of Fine Arts in Software:
> http://www.dreamsongs.com/MFASoftware.html

I really like that idea a lot and agree with much of what he says. I've been 
wanting to start doing Design style regular crit sessions for students 
developing programs but the class sizes simply mitigate against it,

An earlier message was suggesting that expertise + knowledge (is this skill??) 
was much the same as creativity and I have sympathy with this point, but you do 
see highly creative solutions to problems developed by people with no expertise 
or knowledge. Maybe this is just dumb luck of course and there may be aspect of 
that in it too.

However I would also add failure into the mix - creativity is a lot to do with 
failing and keeping going. You can do this with music and paint and literature 
and software, it's a bit harder to do it (or to be allowed to do it anyway) 
with bridges and aeroplanes and medicines. (Note I am not denying the creative 
aspects  of building bridges etc.)

You know what they say about overnight success taking a lot of years of hard 

I also suspect that none of as are likely to agree on this topic.


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