Strange. As we always say, it works for me.

What is the value of VERSION_j_ ? It should be '701.1 2'.

But that has to be right as you indicate the backspace key repeats if you
hold it down.

Is there any chance you are trying jj in the previous j701 version?

I also just realized that I probably need to update the JHS addon.

I will look at this later tonight if you can give me a little more info.

All that jj does is to:

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 4:11 PM, Joey K Tuttle <> wrote:

> Eric,
> Bravo on the keyboard change and the repeating keys (just really nice to
> have them!)
> I think your setup for j to j is exciting news too, but am disappointed
> after starting the new release getting -
>    jj 0
> |value error: jj
> The suggested scripts in desktop JHS seem to work in setting up the
> connection.
> Maybe I'm missing a script update on the iOS side? or ??
> - joey
> > On 2017Aug 9, at 12:28, Eric Iverson <> wrote:
> >
> > An updated J is available at the Apple App Store. This fixes a few minor
> > problems with the release on July 4th, adds a bell and whistle, and
> > provides a new way to move scripts and data between your device and
> desktop
> > called jj (j to j).
> >
> > See for more information.
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > For information about J forums see
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> For information about J forums see
For information about J forums see

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