Deleting and reinstalling worked! I was able to go through all the
steps in the wiki. The value of sin 1 is written back to
  *Now* I have to reload all the files and data that I moved to the
iPhone over the last many months. For future updates, I hope there
is a way to avoid wiping out all my installed scripts.
  Understand, I not complaining ...


On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Eric Iverson wrote:
Joey, Patrick,

It looks as if you have the new j701 binary, but don't have the new data
bundle (scripts). You are seeing the scripts from the earlier j701 release
before the jj stuff was cleaned up.

I think the bundle at the app store is good based on the fact that when I
do a clean install I get what I expect.

My guess is that somehow doing an update to an existing install doesn't
update the bundle.

I have probably got some setting wrong (out of a few thousand) and will dig
into it.

Please try the following:

1. make sure j701 is not running - double tap home key and discard (up
swipe) any j701 stuff
2. delete the j701 app - press and hold, tap the x button in the corner,
press the home key
3. get it again from the app store
4. try jj et. al. again

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