701.1 2
|value error: jj

explicitly doing

   load '~system/util/jj.ijs'

NB. executes with no complaint (and, of course, no result shown)
NB. but then when (as suggested in ) 
I do -

   jjset ' pswd'   NB. for my local network (again no result 
appears) but
   jjget '~addons/math/miax'
|domain error:   jjget_jj_
|       jjget'~addons/math/misc'

   >nl_jj_ 3

NB. So things look like they are almost working, but something is tripping me 

~~ a couple of aside observations...

typing paths with the greatly improved keyboard is almost as painful as it used 
to be in the older version (because of having to shift to ! keyboard for / ...)

Retyping the stuff above makes me resolve to find a way to disable spell 
checking in Apple mail client more easily (and may have "corrected" things that 
I didn't notice - if so, please read as what you think it should be.

- joey

> On 2017Aug 9, at 14:19, Eric Iverson <> wrote:
> Strange. As we always say, it works for me.
> What is the value of VERSION_j_ ? It should be '701.1 2'.
> But that has to be right as you indicate the backspace key repeats if you
> hold it down.
> Is there any chance you are trying jj in the previous j701 version?
> I also just realized that I probably need to update the JHS addon.
> I will look at this later tonight if you can give me a little more info.
> All that jj does is to:
>   load'~system/util/jj.ijs'
> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 4:11 PM, Joey K Tuttle <> wrote:
>> Eric,
>> Bravo on the keyboard change and the repeating keys (just really nice to
>> have them!)
>> I think your setup for j to j is exciting news too, but am disappointed
>> after starting the new release getting -
>>   jj 0
>> |value error: jj
>> The suggested scripts in desktop JHS seem to work in setting up the
>> connection.
>> Maybe I'm missing a script update on the iOS side? or ??
>> - joey
>>> On 2017Aug 9, at 12:28, Eric Iverson <> wrote:
>>> An updated J is available at the Apple App Store. This fixes a few minor
>>> problems with the release on July 4th, adds a bell and whistle, and
>>> provides a new way to move scripts and data between your device and
>> desktop
>>> called jj (j to j).
>>> See for more information.
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>>> For information about J forums see
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>> For information about J forums see
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