Hi Pierre and David (and proofgeneral-devel),

There were talks a while ago on the mailing list about a migration to git. I 
think this would be really cool. I experimented with various export options, 
and came up with the repo at https://github.com/cpitclaudel/proof-general/ . 
The problem with the process that I used is that it makes it hard to 
incrementally track changes (we would need to migrate once and for all).

Most of the history seems to have been preserved just fine, but it would be 
nice to map CVS usernames to proper names and emails; the authors in the CVS 
tree seem to be [assia, crr, cxl, da, djs, fionam, gklein, hhg, joheras, lego, 
makarius, mark, markus, monnier, patrl, pier, proofgen, pxc, sberghof, tews, 
tms, weber]. Is there a list of names and emails somewhere matching these 

It would be great to get feedback on the history as recorded in 
https://github.com/cpitclaudel/proof-general/ ; also, if a migration was 
eventually decided, I could help with the process. One reason for migrating to 
Git and hosting on Github would be lowering the barrier of entry to new 
contributors: many of the changes that I made in my company-coq plugin could in 
fact be ported to proof-general. It could also allow for simplified 
distribution of extensions and updated versions, via emacs' package system. 


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