thanks a lot for taking the initiative!

Clément Pit--Claudel <clement....@gmail.com> writes:

> changes (we would need to migrate once and for all).

I haven't contributed for a while and I am unsure if I will find
time in the future, therefore I don't know if I am eligible to
take part in the discussion. However, if I were, I would suggest
to give everybody a last chance to commit to cvs until, say, May
11 and move then everything to git and take the cvs repo offline.
In the unlikely case that David is not participating in this
discussion (and that we therefore cannot take CVS offline), I
suggest that we try to reach an agreement among the contributors
of the last 2 years. And then somebody with write permission
makes a last CVS commit to delete all the files there, except for
a README pointing to the git repo.

> would be nice to map CVS usernames to proper names and emails; the

Some email addresses are in Makefile.devel in the DEVELOPERS
variable. weber is Tjark Weber <tjark.we...@it.uu.se>, I believe.

> It would be great to get feedback on the history as recorded in

I would suggest to move to git even if the history is completely
broken, therefore I won't check it.


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